It's easy for those of us who keep a close eye on technology developments to assume that executives, scientists and researchers in the IT and communications industries are among the smartest innovators around.

In fact, when I read an overview of Synectics' report (PDF) revealing the world's top 100 living geniuses in paper this morning, I had visions of writing a blog called something like '25 techies in world 100 smartest people' when I arrived at the office. But having seen the full list on Synectics' website this morning, I was surprised to see just nine IT 'geniuses' on the list.

No surprises for guessing the world's smartest techie. Tim Berners-Lee shared top spot with chemist Albert Hoffman. Sergey Brin and Larry Page (who are credited with being 'publishers' and share 20th spot) and Vint Cerf in 49th place, highlight that the internet revolution is placed highly on the list of 20th century breakthroughs by the 4,000 Brits who voted in the survey.

The only other people the IT industry has to be proud of are Bill Gates; Steve Wozniak; Shunpei Yamazaki (who holds 1,700 US patents, largely in the field of computer display technology); Martin Cooper (credited with being the inventor of the cell phone); and Mark Dean (chief engineer for the development of the IBM PC/AT and ISA systems bus, among other things).

All but Berners-Lee come below The Simpsons creator, Matt Groening. Has the IT industry been short-changed? Let us know who you'd stick on the list.