PC World recently ran a customer survey to find out what would top their sci-fi wishlist. Taking the computer retailer’s lead, we thought it would be fun to find out what visitors to the PC Advisor website would place on their ideal shopping lists.

It seems most PC Advisor online pollsters don't have their sights set quite so high as PC World customers, who chose the Star Trek teleporter as their number one gadget. While the facility for instant matter transport proved popular, most of you chose the more mundane but apparently equally unattainable option of broadband internet access.

More ambitious voters were taken with the idea of gaining the powers of Star Trek's Q and being able to control all time and matter in the universe. Flatteringly, one loyal forum poster chose a daily issue of PC Advisor (must have been that fiver we slipped him earlier).

But not all your choices were quite so benign; job satisfaction clearly isn't that high for one visitor who opted for "An Alien egg to give my boss at Easter". Perhaps the forum editor's choice of Harrison Ford's android girlfriend in Blade Runner is just what he needs to cheer him up, though perhaps not as another post declares "with my luck she'd be faulty and she'd still say no".

Thanks for you all your postings, which certainly brightened our day. They also highlighted your dissatisfaction with the current state of IT as, along with broadband access, other popular choices were PCs that don't crash and software that does what it says on the tin.