A year ago, back in the February 2001 issue of PC Advisor, we put Iomega's HipZip Click drive-based digital music player in the Top gear, because we liked it so much.

We also told you how Iomega was poised to kick out a 100MB version — the current model uses 40MB discs.

Sadly we've learned that it's now a case of 'for you, Tommy, the war is over'. The UK will never see the 100MB HipZip, because Iomega's decided not to launch it. Not only that, but Iomega will be pulling the HipZip in six months.

Even though Iomega's PR firm in the UK (whose name will be spared) thought that Iomega had started selling the 100MB version of the unit in the US, it's not in its product list. No surprise at the level of knowledge there, then.

The reason for the product pull is simple — people simply weren't buying the HipZip, which is a shame because we thought it was very good, if a little big.

The Click drive, on which the HipZip is based, was never hugely popular and in its earlier days was plagued with the same problems as normal Zip drives — the 'click of death', where the drive locked a disc inside it forever, or simply locked it in so that removal could ruin the disc.

Iomega recently had to settle a US class action law suit about the click of death by handing out discounts on new purchases, something that hasn't entirely pleased some claimants.