Internet companies are attempting to market their services as Christmas gifts by offering vouchers for their products this Autumn.

Music download site Napster and ISP Freedom2Surf have both launched vouchers this week, with claims that they would be perfect for Christmas.

Napster says their credit card-style vouchers make the “ideal Christmas gift”, while Freedom2Surf’s “fun and funky” surfboard-shaped offering is pitched to “solve all your Christmas present headaches”.

The Napster cards are available at Dixons, the Link, PC World and Currys and are priced at £14.85 for 15 tracks (99 pence per track), £56.95 for 60 tracks (95 pence per track), and £25.95 for a 3 month subscription (£8.65 per month).

The card has a scratch-off panel that reveals a unique pin number you can type into the site to activate the credits.

Freedom2Surf’s broadband vouchers give three, six or twelve months of broadband access through the ISP. They are priced £95, £170 and £270 respectively and give you 1Mbps download speed.

The three-month voucher includes 1GB of download capacity while the six- and twelve-month deals have 5GB capacity.

The packages also include 20 email addresses and 50MB of webspace. They can be ordered from the Freedom2Surf website.