Intel sought to emphasise its role in innovation in China during a low-key media preview to its Spring Intel Developer Forum (IDF) today in Beijing.

"How do we create a community, a movement if you will, within China that's part of a culture of innovation? China has a great history of innovation, some of the great inventions of all time were invented here in China. So it's an opportunity for a new generation of Chinese scientists to become a part of that great legacy of innovation in China," Justin Rattner, Intel's chief technology officer (CTO).

The company pointed to research facilities and teams that it maintains in both Beijing and Shanghai.

"In just a few years, they have gone to being a solid partner and part of our research work," said Kevin Kahn, an Intel Senior Fellow and Intel Senior Fellow and director of its Communications Technology Lab.

The explosive growth of computing technology use by the common man in both the consumer and enterprise market continues to shift from North America and Europe and increasingly towards Asia, Kahn said.

He noted that Asia was one area where a key part of his research was having influence: the use of multiple radios to support various connectivity options, such as Wi-Fi, WiMax, and 3G (third generation), many of which operate simultaneously. Kahn said that from 2009 onward, the average mobile platform would have at least six such radios and probably more.

Intel is saving its major announcements until the Tuesday morning keynotes that will mark Spring IDF's official start, including expected news on, and a demonstration of, its Terascale processor.