Consumers are far more likely to migrate to the Mac platform following Apple’s decision to use Intel processors, according to new research.

ChangeWave Research said that 37 percent of the 3,046 people it surveyed during the week ending October 2 were now more likely to buy a Mac because of the Intel chip.

That’s nearly double the 19 percent recorded in a June 2005 survey, taken at the time of Apple’s initial announcement that they were switching to Intel chips for their Mac line.

"Apple has gained significantly in laptop purchases for the past 90 days - up 3 points to a new all-time high of 12 percent," the analyst revealed.

According to the research, 86 percent of Intel Mac owners were 'very' or 'somewhat' satisfied with their new computers.

"Since the initial rollout of the Intel Macs, Apple's share has climbed steadily - from 4 percent in January 2006 to 12 percent currently. We do note that Apple's share of desktop purchases over the past 90 days (7 percent) declined 4 points," the research added.

Three-quarters of Apple computer owners said they used both Macs and traditional PCs, but nearly two-thirds of them preferred a Mac over a traditional PC.