Coincidence? Bad timing? Or is there something more sinister behind reports that an IBM ThinkPad exploded at Los Angeles International airport recently?

That's right - an IBM laptop. Not Dell, not Apple. We're pretty sure it wasn't a Sony made battery and the airline involved was not Virgin or Qantas.

I'm not in the habit of jumping to reactionary conclusions based on the flimsiest of evidence but I am never, ever going to fly, use a laptop, or even leave the house ever again. It's just all too scary.

In all seriousness, though, once investigators get to the bottom of this we'll see just what the authorities do about it - but surely we're not far away from an all-out ban on laptops being used on 'planes. It only took a product recall to convince Virgin and Qantas to ban certain laptops from their flights.

I've no problems with a safety-first approach, but Virgin took its time about the ban - even those living in caves had heard about the recall by then. The seemingly random nature of this incident may well mean a few more airlines decide to get in on the act and while this is understandable, at least until some official assurances are forthcoming, it's going to cause problems for those of us who travel internationally on a regular basis.