Yesterday saw two more digital cameras added to HP's range — the higher-end Photosmart 812 and the budget point-and-shoot Photosmart 120.

At £99 the Photosmart 120 is a 1Mp (megapixel) camera with a 2x digital zoom, 4MB of internal memory, a CompactFlash slot and a 1.5in LCD display. It weighs about the same as a couple of heavy mobile phones, though, at a smidgeon over 260g.

More flash, but also more cash, is the Photosmart 812 (pictured). It's a 4Mp unit with a 3x optical and 7x digital zoom, which allegedly means a 21x total. It's a good bit lighter than the 120 at just under 227g and comes laden with a 16MB Secure Digital memory card.

An optional extra for the 812 is the Photosmart Camera Dock 8881, which does pretty much what it says on the tin — charges AA batteries for the camera and connects to a PC, TV or printer. It still seems a touch steep at £59 for the dock, and only slightly less so when bundled with the camera.

Photosmart 812 is £399 on its own or £449 with the 8881 dock.

Look out for review of both units in the July issue of PC Advisor, on sale 23 May.