HP has merged its Voodoo gaming PC business unit with its consumer business, a move which means all Voodoo's laptops and desktops will now be sold alongside HP's Compaq Presario and Pavilion PC lines.

"It is just the next step of integration into the business units that deliver Compaq Presario and [HP] Pavilion," said Ann Finnie, an HP spokeswoman.

HP paid an undisclosed amount to acquire Voodoo in 2006. Voodoo was a standalone unit in HP and continued to sell its products independently. But HP always had plans to integrate Voodoo into its main PC business, Finnie said.

Voodoo's products sold by HP include the Envy ultraportable laptop and the Omen gaming desktop. HP will retain Voodoo as a brand name, Finnie said.

However, the convergence of the brand in HP's consumer catalogue could mean larger worldwide availability for the high-end PCs.

HP's Voodoo systems will be sold alongside its Presario and Pavilion lines

"Ultimately it means that Voodoo and Voodoo-influenced products will be easier to buy, faster to get, they will feature local service, and they will have the full power of HP's marketing and sales channel behind them," said Rahul Sood, HP's CTO, in a blog entry. Sood was founder of VoodooPC, as the company was called before HP acquired it.

Traditionally, HP's global business unit designs PCs and regional units decide what PCs to sell in the region, and that may apply to Voodoo PCs, Finnie said.

For existing Voodoo customers, support and service won't change.

"Don't expect customers to see a difference," Finnie said.

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