It hasn’t taken the adult industry long to figure out how to transform Apple’s iPod into something that can only be described as the iPorn.

Sites from the dark side of the web are already rushing to buy QuickTime Pro licences so they can create viral transmissions intended to pounce down the broadband pipe into Apple’s new media players.

The adult industry is huge; it’s no secret that adult-oriented sites helped drive demand and technological advance for the internet itself. It’s also unafraid to experiment.

Playboy‘s decision in December last year to release an image gallery of some its models for the iPod photo proves this.

The move by adult sites to embrace Apple’s mass-market product is one Apple’s competitors are likely to envy, since provision of such content may well drive iPod demand even higher.

Sad to say, less adult implementations for creating content for the device are difficult to explore.

Copyright owners tend not to permit music fans to capture and share even a second of an artist’s live performance without permission, and while the music industry has created an environment that demands permission, it has taken no known steps to create a way to easily acquire such consent.

Critics note that the music business has once again failed to predict industry trends, even while established news media has been talking up the importance of the “citizen journalist” for months.

At present, no single agreement or channel exists that lets independent creative people experiment legitimately with new media and music. This cuts artists off from potentially valuable viral advertising, and fosters a potential giant underground trade in such content.

In an echo of the peer-to-peer debacle, fans who want to experiment must make a direct deal with the band or bands on a per-case basis, or work outside the law.

Suicide Girls and iPin-ups

In contrast, the tech-savvy adult industry understands how to harness the internet to stimulate audiences, create brand loyalty and drive demand.

As expected, it is rushing to embrace this new iPod-driven portable-video gold rush.

The fashionable Suicide Girls adult website last night revealed its own weekly three-minute video podcast, promising: “The lovely Suicide Girls set to music and showing off their pin-up appeal. Show your friends, your mum, the girl next to you on the bus.”

Apple already hosts a Suicide Girls radio show on its own podcast directory.

Suicide Girls aren’t the only ones. Another adult site, HellHouse Video, began providing iPod-compatible adult video content earlier this week.

And yet another adult outfit, Sin City, has made a selection of trailers for its movies available in an iPod-compatible format.

Finally, a company called Adult Digital Media is offering to transcode content from other adult industry players into the iPod format.