I’m not usually one to take an interest when I walk past people handing out competition leaflets, but the lady at Waterloo Station this morning had a Sony Vaio cap on, and I’m in need of a new laptop. And when I saw the competition’s question, I thought my luck was in:

What is the name of the new Vaio Professional range’s preinstalled operating system?

a) Windows Vision Business
b) Windows Vista Business
c) Windows Vantage Business

Unfortunately for those of us in the know, the very next line read:

‘…to discover more about…Windows Vista Business…simply visit www.sony.co.uk/vaiopro

We all know the deal with these ‘competitions’, they’re more like lotteries designed to entice as many people as possible to enter. But requiring entrants to have at least one brain cell would have been nice.

I may have tried my luck anyway, but in light of the current competitions phone-in scandal, the winner was probably selected weeks ago!