I've been writing about the IT industry for nearly six years but I can't claim to know it all. Nobody can, not even the most ancient, wizened hacks – and I include some of the past editors of PC Advisor in that category.

However, I reckon I know a fair old bit. And when it comes to acronyms and technical terms I would say that I knew my stuff.

That is, until today. This morning I encountered a term I'd not previously seen used, though a quick search confirmed it was real, and not just a wind-up. Maybe I watch too many films, but I was under the impression that this was a name given to a very small part of the prison population that, for reasons of safety, had to be kept separate from the rest of the inmates.

But no, a nonce is also a parameter that varies with time.

When I was younger, there was a qualification known as a CLAIT – as I remember it, this stood for Computer Literacy And Information Technology. I can't think of too many other instances when the word 'and' makes it into an acronym.

There must be other technical phrases or acronyms that I am yet to be informed of, so here is your chance to educate me. Silly or obscure, we don't mind, but if you can make the PC Advisor team giggle like schoolgirls then that's all the better.