Free guide: Reinvent your PC Ever feel that your system's being left behind by technology? No need to worry. The second in our series of free Upgrade Advisor guides is here to show you how to make any machine run faster, store more data and serve as an entertainment hub.

Want to take advantage of the technologies that have hit PCs over the past two years, but don't want to buy another computer? Although it sounds suspiciously as if you are having your cake and eating it, here's some good news: the right set of upgrades can all but reinvent an older machine.

You've probably heard about Sata (serial ATA) hard drives, which are faster and easier to set up than IDE drives. Maybe your wireless network cuts out when you sit in your favourite chair and you're interested in a Mimo (multiple input, multiple output) wireless access point, which could solve the problem. Or you might just want to play the latest games without jumpy graphics that make fast action look more like a slideshow.

As it turns out, your golden-oldie PC has lots of useful life left. And in many cases, you are able to add these and other recent technologies fairly easily. The most important thing to do is work out what you want to do with the computer, then choose the right upgrades for the job.

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