High street retailer PC World today revealed a huge increase in flat-panel display sales following computer maker Advent's first ever TV debut.

The company first saw TFT (thin-film transistor) screen sales overtake those for conventional CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors over the Christmas period, but never by such a large amount. Advent's TV advert resulted in TFT sales a massive four times higher than those for CRTs.

"The TV advert helped TFT sales over the bank holiday [when the advert was run] eclipse CRTs — 80 percent of Advent systems went with a TFT," says Jeremy Fennell, marketing manager at PC World.

"TFTs are consistently the most popular choice for customers demanding style, space-saving design and superb picture quality," he adds.

But perhaps this increase is as much a reflection of the times as the success of television advertising. As TFT screens drop in price it's only natural that people will switch to a slimmer design, just as CD drives have pushed out floppy disks.