ISP Firstnet's purchase of failed provider Liberty broadband's licence has opened up the world of wireless broadband to 3,000 Firstnet customers.

Ailing Liberty broadband, originally named Tele2, announced back in June it would be concentrating solely on business customers, claiming consumers simply weren't interested in wireless DSL.

But by early 2003 the company had folded and was looking for buyers to take over its services.

"We will be contacting all existing customers and will hopefully maintain similar subscription costs," said a Firstnet spokeswoman.

The DTI (Department for Trade and Industry) and the Radiocommunications Agency have issued Firstnet a new operating licence for the 3.6GHz to 4.2GHz frequency range, which they hope will ensure continuity of service for existing Liberty customers.

Those customers that do not wish to transfer services to Firstnet will be able to move to a new provider.

Wireless broadband signals are submitted via a PC aerial so do not require leased lines or exchange upgrades as cabled broadband connections do, therefore those outside current BT and cable catchment areas can now look to wireless alternatives.