Sick of your boyfriend or girlfriend? Had enough of their irritating ways? Why not make some money out of the no good so and so — that's exactly what one dumped girlfriend thought, putting her ex up for sale on internet auction site eBay.

While the lot was soon pulled from the site, the unfortunate ex did manage to attract around eight bids first, which is a bit of a surprise given the unflattering write-up given by his erstwhile lover.

She promised the winning bidder that her bloke would treat you really badly, mess with your head and give you the lowest self esteem of your life (or words to that effect). But the generous seller offered to throw in a packet of Prozac for an extra penny, as she felt the 'lucky' winner in this auction would need it.

"You can buy and sell practically anything on eBay, but we have policies in place that prohibit the sale of certain items … We make it clear on the site which items are allowed for sale and which are not — unfortunately for annoyed girlfriends out there, boyfriends fall under the "not allowed" category which is why the item was removed", said an eBay spokesperson.

This is not the first attempt at selling a person on eBay. Kay Hammond offered her hand in marriage on the US version of the site, with a reserve price of $250,000. She was also told to remove her auction, as eBay felt it was immoral.