Evesham Technology may be about to finally cease trading, after PC Advisor received complaints from readers suggesting that the troubled PC maker is no longer supporting some warranties.

When requesting a repair for his nine-month-old PC, one PC Advisor reader was informed that his onsite warranty was 'no longer valid'. He was told that he could send his PC in for repair at his own expense, but not to expect it to be returned for 'a couple of weeks'.

On further pressing the customer was told that it could take 'three-to-four weeks', but the representative wouldn't commit as he said he himself 'expected' to be made redundant.

A quick call to Evesham's customer service line appears to confirm our readers' experience. When we asked if warranties were no longer supported, the customer-service representative initially agreed, but then backtracked and said 'it depended on the warranty'.

PC Advisor has since been led to understand that warranties sold to customers before Evesham went into administration in August 2007 are not being supported by the company. Customers can choose to buy a new warranty from the company - although under the circumstances it seems unlikely that many will.

Despite repeated calls and emails, as of Friday lunchtime PC Advisor has been unable to get any comment from Evesham Technology, to confirm or deny the rumours. It is understood that some Evesham staff have been told not to speak to the press.

In August 2007 UK computer manufacturer Evesham officially declared that it had gone into receivership following several months of speculation.

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At the time a statement said that Evesham Technology would continue trading under the auspices of GeeMore Technology Ltd following a $22m investment from Tahir Mohsan of Dubai-based PCC Technology. The company then had 138 staff members.

In January 2008, this workforce had been reduced to just 80 people, but a company statement said that Evesham was still in business. Many industry insiders, however, believe that is is only a matter of time before Evesham folds.

Tahir Mohsan is the co-founder of TimeUK and the owner of Time Group and ISP Supanet.

One of the UK's biggest and most enduring PC retailers, Evesham Technology was founded 23 years ago selling PCs under the Evesham Vale brand. As the business grew, it expanded from its Warwickshire headquarters with a string of high-street shops. Until recently Evesham enjoyed a reputation for excellence in customer service.