Troubled computer manufacturer Evesham Technology has stopped taking orders for PCs.

When we tried to order an Evesham PC via the company's sales line this morning, we were told by a sales advisor that while we couldn't place an order for a PC or for any peripherals, we could place an order for a television.

When we asked whether there were any plans to offer PCs in the future, the sales advisor told us that the company was selling off all of its stock, but may have some new units in a month or so.

Evesham's website, however, appears to be offering PCs for sale. We managed to select a desktop PC, register with the site, choose our delivery method and get through to the page asking for credit card details.

Back in February, the company was put up for sale by TimeUK founder Tahir Mohsan, who set up a rescue package for the PC manufacturer last summer. Mohsan said he had "successfully completed" the "restructuring" of the firm.

We contacted Evesham's head office but we were told that Evesham had gone into liquidation. When asked who she worked for, she replied Total Care and Support, which she described as "a company that handles warranties".

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The Wikipedia entry for Evesham Technology says: "In February 2008, PCC Technology, the new owners of the Evesham brand, issued a press release saying that the restructuring of the failed Evesham Technology was complete and had, under the circumstances, gone well. They also indicated that they were looking to resell the Evesham brand which was trading under the new company – Geemore Technology Ltd.

On 31 March 2008 the contracts of all remaining Evesham staff who stayed on at Geemore under a three-month contract expired and the company ceased trading in Evesham. The company's offices are currently up for sale, and all showrooms have now closed."

Records at Companies House show Geemore Technology is still an active company.