Owners of Evesham Technology computers who were left stranded when the company collapsed last year have been offered a lifeline, with former employees of the PC maker setting up a new company - called Tewktech - to provide customers with warranty support.

Evesham's woes came to light in August 2007 when the PC maker officially declared that it had gone into receivership following several months of speculation. The brand continued trading under the auspices of Geemore Technology. However, an Evesham spokesperson told us early last year that warranties for systems bought before 3 August 2007 were no longer being honoured.

Those left without a warranty were told to turn to a third-party support firm should anything go wrong with their system, with some customers being diverted to Total Care Support, a company owned Tahir Mohsan, the man behind the Time PC brand who set up the original Evesham rescue package.

But Tewktech, a Gloucestershire-based company run by former Evesham employee Robin Daunter, is now offering former Evesham customers an alternative. Various support services are available, including a £30-per-hour on-site repair service for residential customers and a £30-plus-postage return-to-base service.

"We believe we are best-placed to offer Evesham customers a solution to any problem they may experience as we are all fully-trained in Evesham products," said Daunter, managing director of Tewktech. "We have maintained excellent relationships with suppliers since Evesham's closure and can source a full range of spares."

Tewktech said it also planned to provide free email support to Evesham customers.

"Tewktech will endeavour to give free email support to any Evesham customer, regardless of the age of the product," said Tewktech technical director Matt Habershon. "If a remote fix proves impossible, we will collect your machine and repair it at our Tewkesbury facility."