Computer manufacturer Evesham today launched its unlimited internet access package, at under a tenner.

The service, priced at £9.99 a month, is being launched in association with Glow Telecom. Glow usually provides fixed line telecom services to businesses. Evesham reckons it can do the deal so cheaply because it's not using BT.

"We are using Energis' network rather than BT's and we have negotiated a very good deal, which means we can pass our savings on to the customer," said Bob Garrett, spokesman at Evesham. "Glow Telecom is, in effect, the service provider for Energis."

But the service will not be available to people who live outside the Energis network.

"Energis covers about 90 percent of the population so there are a few exchanges that do not have Energis networks," said Garrett.

The service is the lowest priced packages available, alongside ISP V21's ( deal, also £9.99 a month.

V21 has taken over from charity portal ISP 'Itsgoodtogive', where customers paid £9.99 a month, £2 of which went straight to charity. Itsgoodtogive said it could afford to do this as it had "financial backing from private investors".

But sadly the service has now been withdrawn and the company is unwilling to give any reason why. Perhaps its original plans were a little too charitable.

Evesham, however, insists its price is something it can definitely afford to continue.

"There are no obligations, no catches, nothing. We can afford to do this," promised Garrett.

Research released this week by the Office for National Statistics showed subscriptions to internet services have risen every month since January.

The number of people who signed up to permanent connections has seen a growth of 10.1 percent.

Put in context this still means that less than three percent of the population, according to Oftel, has a broadband connection. Nevertheless, the increase is music to Oftel's ears.

"New, cheaper services offer people who could not previously afford internet access the chance to get online, [while] the slow improvement and emergence of broadband content means that more experienced users are switching over to the always-on connection," said Oftel.