Asus — a Taiwanese firm that has previously made computers only for other manufacturers — unveiled its own brand of notebooks at CeBit 2003 last week.

The L5C is the flagship model that sports the most advanced features in mobile technology. Though Asus hasn't yet finalised the exact specifications and pricing details, we do know that the notebook comes with a 15in screen using advanced LCD technology that Asus claims is the best possible display quality and performance you can pack into a notebook.

The 1,600x1,200 resolution screen uses IPS (in plane switching) technology, resulting in better colour range, higher contrast ratio, increased brightness, better response time so there's no blur, and provides an amazing 170 degree viewing angle. We saw the screen on Asus' stand at CeBit and it really does impress.

To get the best from the screen, the L5C comes with ATI's new 64MB Mobility M10 graphics card.

Asus doesn't know how much DDR (double data rate) RAM it's going to bundle but we were told that 1,024MB is under consideration. We do know it will be powered by Intel's P4 running at 3.06GHz — a desktop processor. To combat the heat from this computing toaster, Asus has developed it's own cooling technology.

Add five USB 2.0 ports next to a built-in multiformat card reader and you have a very fine-sounding notebook. We can't wait to get our hands on this one for review.