Elonex Computers may be in financial difficulties, but it’s not necessarily beaten yet according to official information the company’s administrators released this afternoon.

It is likely that the company will be sold, hopefully to another PC vendor who will take over responsibility in supporting Elonex’s existing customers and that will be able to fulfil any outstanding orders. As well as being a high-profile consumer brand, selling PCs, laptops and ‘digital lifestyle’ kit, Elonex has contracts with local authorities and is an official government supplier.

As PC Advisor reported yesterday, while the PC maker has managed to rack up some serious debts and has been having trading difficulties, a member of staff still employed there was able to refute allegations that the company had gone to the wall.

Administrator Deloitte and Touche has been appointed, as reported elsewhere, but is keen to point out that it is in discussions with Elonex about redundancies rather than about winding up the business.

According to an official release from Deloitte and Touche: “The administrators are taking steps to stabilise the business in order that it may continue trading.” The administrators expect more details about how the business is going to pan out later this week.

While more than a third of Elonex’s staff will be made redundant, the company will continue to employ a staff of nearly 50.

Administrator Neville Kahn said “Elonex has a strong customer base and good products [and] we are hopeful that we will be able to conclude a sale of the business as a going concern”.