eBay is developing a new search system to help users find products on its online marketplace and a new fraud-protection program for its PayPal online payment unit.

The new product search system, called Magellan, the company's "next-generation search capability", is being tested now, according to a spokesperson.

"Finding is incredibly important on eBay. The more effective we can make that, the higher the [sales] conversion rates and the more robust the marketplace will be for buyers and sellers," she said.

The company is developing Magellan because the number of products listed on eBay continues to grow and the company wants to make it easier for buyers to find what they are looking for.

"It's a new way of shopping and finding on eBay," the spokesperson said, adding that the company will probably launch Magellan "sometime within the next few quarters".

Users can find out more about Magellan and test it here.

Meanwhile, in August eBay will launch a new fraud protection program in its PayPal unit in Germany to test its effectiveness. Based on the results, the company will decide when and where else to offer the program.

A spokesperson described it as "a significant step up in PayPal buyer protection".