A report published today by the European Commission recommends all open source software should be shared between all EU governments.

The move is a bid to cut the soaring eGovernment information costs, which are set to rise by 28 percent to €6.6bn this year, according to a report published by Eito (European Information Technology Observatory).

The report Pooling Open Source Software, which was financed by the Commission's IDA (Interchange of Data between Administrations) programme, recommends a clearing house to which administrations could 'donate' software for re-use.

"Good practice is built on proven solutions that work. Software and concrete applications that work best in practice are an important element of these. They could be used as a source of inspiration for other member states to develop good public services," said Enterprise and Information Commissioner Erkki Liikanen.

Although the software would have to be modified to take into account linguistic and cultural differences, the report said the sharing of software could encourage efficiency in cross-border communications.

The whole study can be found here.