Dixons Stores Group is denying that it has shaken up its customer service operations as a result of problems with its Sheffield call centre.

Sources close to the firm had told PC Advisor that problems within DSG call centres meant staff were sometimes taking as long as 20 minutes just to log on to the system and far too long to save transactions, particularly at the company's Sheffield branch.

Dixons refutes these claims. "There have been no problems as far as we are aware and we answer the majority of calls within 20 seconds," said a company spokesman.

However, the company confirmed it will be creating a central base for its customer support in Nottingham. It claims this move is simply designed to improve the service but acknowledges the changes will see it moving many of its resources away from Sheffield to the new centre.

"The Sheffield branch will remain open but we will be focusing our services where they are needed. We are trying to improve our service all the time," said the firm’s spokesman.

We hope these changes will result in better support for customers as PC Advisor readers aren't convinced by Dixons' claim that its service is "one of the best in the industry".

"[Dixons] is customer-orientated in the fact that it delivers the least for the most financial return," wrote one reader.

Dixons advises customers to ring outside peak hours (12-2pm and after 7pm) to ensure they get through first time.