Service provider Thus yesterday announced it is to waive the connection fees on its entire range of ADSL broadband services, sold through its Demon Demon brand, for the next three months.

The special offer covers both business and home packages in a bid to create a broadband Britain. Corporate buyers will save a whopping £250 and home users will save a respectable £90 on the initial setup charges.

"In these tough economic times no business should ignore the commercial and technical advantage offered by high-speed always-on connection to the internet," said Nigel Stevens product director at Thus, Demon's parent company. "The benefits to individuals in terms of information, entertainment and communication are now undeniable but the only way to achieve a truly inclusive 'broadband Britain' is to remove the barriers to entry."

BT Wholesale halved the connection costs of its ADSL services, which Demon resells, last month, also for a period of three months. Both companies said they would reassess the market again in March before making any further decisions.

"Coupled with a significant reduction in the charge levied by our suppliers [BT] we believe the demand now exists to enable us to waive all connection charges until at least the end of March 2003, at which point we will review our connection charges policy once again. We believe there may be further opportunities to make broadband services more affordable," added Stevens.

Those wishing to sign up to Demon's ADSL products will still have to shell out for a modem (£85 for PC, £99 for Mac) but supply and installation will be free.