Dell has revived its line of Windows XP-based PCs in the US following demand from customers.

Following Vista's launch at the end of January, Dell decided not to offer XP on many of its PCs with only two models aimed at home users featuring XP at the end of last month.

PC users then flooded Dell’s feedback site, Dell Idea Storm with requests for the return of XP. Posts included those entitled “Resurrect XP!” and “Don’t eliminate XP just yet”, which each received thousands of votes from visitors to the site.

“XP has less glitches than Vista, it is cheaper, and some programs don’t work on Vista. If they still had XP, then more people would buy a Dell. But instead Dell had to phase out XP, and replace it with a terrible new Windows software,” said forum member doomlord52.

XP Home or XP Professional are now available on six of Dell’s computers, four Inspiron notebooks and two Dimension desktops, in the US.

A Microsoft spokesperson told us: “It is standard practice for original equipment manufacturers, retailers and system builders to continue offering the previous version of Windows for a certain period of time after a new version is released. Dell is responding appropriately to a small minority of customers that had this specific request, but, as they have said before, the vast majority of consumers want the latest and greatest technology, and that includes Windows Vista.”

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