Computer maker Dell will announce its first own-brand printers in March, aiming them at home office users and large workgroups.

"You will see two waves of products coming out over the next several months that will give us coverage all the way from network printers to the home office," Michael Dell Chief Executive Officer at Dell told analysts at the Goldman Sachs Technology Investment Symposium in California.

Dell aims to sell printers with its PC systems. It distributed Hewlett Packard printers until last July, when HP cut off supplies following its merger with Dell's archrival, Compaq.

In September, Dell named Lexmark its preferred printer supplier in time for the busy holiday sales season. It also announced plans to introduce Lexmark printers under the Dell brand in the first half of this year.

While Dell expects to sell a lot of printers, its CEO doesn't see huge changes ahead in the printer market.

"We know how to sell printers — we sold 2.5 million of them in the US just last year," said Dell, adding, "I wouldn't expect a dramatic change in the competitive landscape for printing, because it's a big and complex market with lots of competitors with large installed bases."

Dell sees the PC market remaining depressed this year.

"Customers are still focused on cost and productivity. We're going to grow nicely this year, but I'm not looking for an overall improvement in general business conditions," he added.