Dell has come up with a, well, novel way of convincing your friends and family to chip in and buy you a brand new PC.

The website features stars such as Burt Reynolds, for what Dell terms the “Star Power Sell”. The idea is that you log onto the website, select what computer you want, then you choose your celebrity to make a winning sales pitch on your behalf.

A virtual piggy bank is set up, and then family and friends can chip in towards your purchase. You can even share the virtual piggy bank with friends by posting the fundraising widget on YoursIsHere and MySpace pages, and if that is not enough, you can even send email links of personalised celebrity video pitches to family and friends.

Other so called "celebrities" are as follows (explanations in brackets for us Brits):

  • Chuck Liddell for the "Hard Sell" (apparently he is an Ultimate Fighting champion)
  • Brooke Burke for the "Soft Sell" (American television personality and model)
  • Estelle Harris for the "Guilty Sell" (American actress best known for playing an annoying, older woman)
  • Ice-T for the "Silky Sell" (American rapper)
  • Vivica A. Fox for the "Sassy Sell" (film and television actress).

Now the question is which celebrities would we use over here in good old Blighty to pitch our pleas for a new computer?

The obvious answer I suppose would be Del Boy from the classic TV series, Only Fools and Horses.

Any other suggestions out there?