I’ve just got back from a break in sunny Majorca, where one of my favourite things was strolling around the marina ogling the superyachts and idly deciding whether I’d have mine fitted out with a step-off dive deck or an onboard jacuzzi. (Both, obviously.)

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On my return home, I took a look online at who owns these incredibly luxurious boats. It turns out that IT and luxury vessels are inextricably linked. Indeed, Microsoft’s Paul Allen and Oracle’s Larry Ellison are locked in a rivalry over whose yacht is the biggest.

For the record, Ellison is king of the high seas with the 252ft Rising Sun. And it seems that profits from database companies should keep him afloat for some while.

Where once the demise of this less-than-gripping area of technology was widely touted, now profits are up and data specialist Sybase is boasting a bank balance of $1bn. Thanks to the latest developments in this area it seems we could be in for a future where databases become more, rather than less, relevant.

At the recent Techwave conference Sybase was touting the concept of the unwired office, providing us with access to all our work data wherever we are via mobile devices.

This will bring Sybase into another war. Once again it’s the database guys up against Microsoft, which has dominated until now.

If this revitalisation of the database market continues its success then perhaps Mr Ellison will be able to rethink his planned sale of the Rising Sun!