Computers can be annoying sometimes. But just how annoyed would you have to be to pick it up and throw it through the window?

Many of us have been driven out of our minds enough to threaten our darling computers with a sudden burst of fresh air, but eventually we fall back in impotent rage and, well - reboot. For one man in Germany, however, it was all too much.

Working late in his Hanover flat one night, he was already spitting Schnitzel at his intractable PC when, quite suddenly, he completely lost it. In a massive Teutonic tizzy he picked it up, yanked it from its socket (resistance was useless) and hurled it through the window. Watching it, no doubt, with immense satisfaction as it tail-spun towards the tarmac.

The neighbours, though, were not best pleased at this sudden earth-shattering crash, and the police were soon called. On their arrival they could offer only sympathy to the man, and a big broom. "Well, who hasn't felt like doing that?" said a police spokesman.

I found myself wondering why my own infuriatingly recalcitrant machine hadn't, by now, suffered a similar fate on the Penge Road.

The following may sound familiar: "What's it doing now? Why is it doing that? Don't you crash! Oi! Don't you dare!!!!"

Ping. Reboot. "Okay, where's the file? Where is it? It was on the desktop! Where is it????" Er, it's gone...

Disaster. Ruin. A state of emergency is officially declared. Disbelief turns to panic, which is quickly followed by fist-shaking, teeth-baring anger. The notes for tomorrow - the ones that have taken five solid hours to compile - are lost forever, and I'll have to start from scratch. I swivel round at the clock; It's 1:30 in the morning. I shout some choice Anglo-Saxon at the evil silver beast that has stolen my notes, while repeatedly thumping the desk.

I walk out of the room and pace around the flat hoping that when I return I'll discover somehow that it hadn't actually happened at all, or that when I return, the file will have miraculously reappeared. I'm back. No. It's happening. It's real.