Advantech's multimedia web payphone could bridge the divide between the internet haves and have nots.

You can use the device to browse the web, shop online, send pictures to your friends — and it makes phone calls too.

Manufactured from hard-wearing aluminium alloy, Advantech’s phone can connect to the internet via broadband ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line). The camera, mounted above the screen, means video calls are possible — or simply use it to send still images to your friends.

The credit card reader is intended to allow easy online shopping; you can even get a hard copy receipt from the printer at the bottom.

Operation is simple thanks to the touch-screen, and Advantech makes the bold claim that its phone is 'vandalism resistant' and therefore suitable for use in public spaces.

Taiwanese Chung Hwa Telecom is about to roll the devices out in Taipei. We might have to wait a little bit longer over here, as their UK launch depends on a carrier choosing to deploy them.