According to the NDP Group, children are becoming more acquainted with using consumer elctronics at far earlier ages than ever before.

The research shows that electronics usage is expanding into the younger age ranges.

NPD Group indicates that the average age in which children first begin using electronic devices has dropped to just 6.7 years in 2007, down from 8.1 years in 2005. On average, children are using most electronic devices by the median age of 7; usage of widespread technology such as televisions and desktop computers begins as early as 4 or 5, although more complex machines like satellite radios and portable digital media players are being used by children as old as 9.

The study also reports that ownership and usage of consumer electronic devices among children is down slightly compared to similar figures taken from the last two years. However, there have been noticeable increases in pre-teen ownership of such devices as PDMPs, handheld consoles, and digital cameras.