Samsung Electronic will demonstrate a double-sided LCD panel that can show different images on each side at today's CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

The 2.22in display is the first that can show different images on either side of the display, Samsung said. The company, which is one of the world's largest manufacturers of LCD panels, said other double-sided displays can only show a reverse image of the same video data on the other side.

The panel is designed for use in 'clamshell' mobile phones, where the main display faces inwards and typically a sub-display faces outwards. The entire display is 3.85mm thick – this is 1mm thinner than modules used in current phones, so it could help manufacturers produce slimmer mobiles.

Samsung will also use CES to unveil a 70in, full HD (high-definition) LCD for use in televisions.

Rival manufacturer LG.Philips LCD will use the massive consumer electronics expo to highlight two power-saving LCD panels for use in televisions, it said.

One is a 42in panel that uses 30 percent less power than a conventional model. The second is a 26in panel that uses 35 percent less power but manages to produce a brighter picture thanks to the use of an additional white subpixel.

The company will also demonstrate a number of prototypes including a 15in monitor panel that has a controllable viewing angle, a 32in HDTV panel with power consumption of just 65W, and a 42in HDTV panel with a better motion picture response time.