Samsung is showing off an innovative flat-screen monitor that hooks up to a PC via USB, claiming it puts a unique spin on multi-monitor setups.

The new 19in SyncMaster monitor includes built-in flash memory holding Samsung's UbiSync software, which senior product manager Horst Strobender described as a “virtual graphics card”. The software emulates graphics card technology and passes the data across USB to the other displays in the multi-monitor configuration. Strobender said up to six displays could be daisy-chained over USB, and claimed the technology could find a place in the business and financial sectors. He said UbiSync was one of the biggest breakthroughs he'd witnessed during his 25 years working in the displays industry.

Elsewhere on the Samsung booth, the company is showing off its LED-backlit displays, which achieve high brightness and stunning colour. Ami Randhawa, senior product marketing manager for Samsung's monitors, said the XL20 (20in) and XL30 (30in) display twice the brightness of conventional models. Using LED technology has TCO (total cost of ownership) advantages too, she said, as the new displays last twice as long as other flat panels, while drawing less power.

Samsung plans to target the monitors at photo enthusiasts who have so far opted against switching to flat panels on the basis of their poor colour reproduction compared to traditional CRT monitors. The 20in model is expected to launch in the UK next month for £999, while the 30in version will be with us in May.

Completing Samsung's CeBIT monitor line-up are a range of high-resolution flat panels, an HDTV/monitor, a thin-client monitor and the 'unified communications monitor', which features a built-in microphone, speaker and webcam.