It's that time of year again — IDG's dobbed off to Deutschland to see what's in store for us all in the world of technology. Expect regular CeBit coverage over the next week.

HP launched new combination rewritable DVD (digital versatile disc) and CD drives yesterday at the previews for the CeBit electronics show, taking place in Hannover.

The drives allow video, music and data to be stored on DVDs and CDs which can be rewritten when necessary, the company said.

Edit-on-disc capabilities in both the internal DVD200i and external DVD200e allow changes to be made directly on the DVD instead of on the customer's hard drive, added Christine Roby, HP's product manager for DVD writers.

The DVD+RW/+R (digital versatile disc rewritable/recordable) CD-RW (CD-rewritable) drives are aimed at both the consumer and business markets, Roby said.

"Consumers will use them for creating and editing home videos from their VCR or camcorder, while business users are likely to use it for backup or archiving." Video editing and data-storage software is included with each drive, she said.

The DVD drives are able to store up to 4.7GB apiece, and each CD drive has a 700MB capacity, the company said.

The DVD200i will be available across Europe in April at an estimated price of £400 ex VAT, followed by the DVD200e in May at around £460 ex VAT.