Canon has launched two pocket-sized digital cameras to be added to their Digital Ixus range. The Canon Digital Ixus 330 and the Digital Ixus v2 were shown exclusively to PC Advisor at the CeBit trade show in Hanover, which finishes today.

The new slimline models both feature a 2Mp (megapixel) CCDs (charge-coupled device), but the Digital Ixus 330 combines this with a 3x optical zoom. The Digital Ixus v2 has a 2x optical zoom.

The Digital Ixus 330 is available from April at a price of £449. The Digital Ixus v2 is available from the end of March for £399.99.

Along with stills, the cameras can record 30-second video clips to the 8MB compact flash memory cards bundled with them. The Digital Ixus 330 can capture sound with the clips, while the Digital Ixus v2 cannot.

The new models also feature a new three-point AiAF (artificial intelligence auto-focus) focusing system, which allows the user to choose to focus the camera on any of three points in an image.

Both cameras can be connected straight to Canon's 'direct print' printers such as the Card Photo Printer CP-100 and the Canon Bubble Jet S820D.

They also feature 1.5in colour TFT LCD screens and come with a selection of photo effects.

In addition, there's improved menu navigation and an option to apply wallpapers to the LCD screens.