In recent years AMD has struggled to hang on to the coat-tails of Intel (or 'our rival') as AMD execs say, eschewing the 'I word'.

But judging by the vast number of sexy booth babes on show at last night's launch of the AMD 758 chipset, AMD is determined to catch up.

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It is something of a CeBIT truism that the empty vessels make the more noise, so I wasn't really expecting a great deal from AMD's press conference. The company had spent what must have been the GDP of a mid-size country on sexy girls, screens and lighting. And the cost of Madonna/MacDonalds-style microphones alone must have been huge.

But in amongst the sound and the fury (and the sexy girls), AMD made some startling claims. I'm not sure it has the bulk of the scalability to do more than nip at Intel's ankles, but it certainly has something to shout about (literally and figuratively). And the move away from focusing on speed alone and concentrating on power efficiency (saving the planet), developing markets and HD everywhere is a smart one.

Here are some of the startling things AMD said (shouted. real loud) about the AMD 758 chipset last night at CeBIT:

- The AMD 758 is 'revolutionary'

- It's capable of decent framerates at 1080p without dedicated graphics

- It's 3x faster than the Intel equivalent

- The AMD is the firs Direct X 10.0 chipset

- It's the only true Vista-compatible chipset

- It's the fastest motherboard GPU... ever

- It's scalable with an ATI graphics card (ie: stick a graphics card in as well and you get double the graphics

- It's the first 55nm chipset, and it has 200m transistors (is that good?)

- It's more green than a really green forest. Well, it's efficient (I paraphrase)

- The AMD 758 is the first PCI gen 2 chipset

- And it's really not that expensive

- It is Godlike in all its majesty and we should all bow down on bended knee*

And partners Acer and Gigabyte ('it's the king of chipsets') trotted on to the ridiculously large stage to agree. The AMD 758 is a wondrous invention that, like Flash, will save everyone of us. The line up of partners set to use the AMD 758 was pretty sharp too.

But as I stumbled back to my humble hotel, ears ringing, I couldn't help but conclude that my post-AMD-launch headache meant that it was likely to cause me to lose more sleep than any Intel exec. We shall see...

*I may have drifted off