Danish people will be able to access cash point machines through their mobile phones, thanks to a pilot scheme launched this week by technology firm NCR.

The trial will involve Danes initiating a transaction process prior to approaching the cash point, choosing the transaction type, amount and account details.

This will be the first time users have had the opportunity to withdraw cash from standard ATMs, as opposed to concept models.

At the ATM (the official acronym for a cash machine) the user enters a security pin number into their phone and transmits the transaction details via an infrared beam to the cash point, which then dispenses the cash.

"This is something we have been working on for some time. People are using their mobile phones in ways we could not have imagined a short time ago and they have now become an essential part of people's increasingly mobile lives," said Mark Grossi, chief technology officer at NCR's Financial Solution division.

Back in May of last year NCR launched its concept Freedom PDA device which was designed to access an egg-shaped concept ATM.

NCR wanted the device to work with cash points in hundreds of locations and other concept devices such as ticket dispensers and download ports, and said it still hopes this sort of widespread access will become available.

"This represents the first step in turning a concept into reality," said Grossi.

The trial will be used to assess the ease of use and how users adapt to the replacement of a card with a mobile handset.

Once the results are in the company will be in talks with banks worldwide to develop similar projects.