Canon is launching four camcorders in the coming months, and the lineup includes its first models that record to DVD.

The company's first two DVD camcorders are the DC 20 and the DC 10. The DC 20 has a 2.2Mp CCD (charge-coupled device) sensor while the DC 10 comes with a 1.3Mp CCD. They both have 10x optical zooms, take still pictures, and can record to a miniSD memory card, the company said. Like other DVD camcorders, the models record to 80mm discs.

DVD camcorders have been in shops for years and the company recognises that it has been late to the market, according a spokesman for Canon.

But the company hasn't been satisfied with the image quality of DVD camcorder models on the market and designers thought many of the early models a bit bulky, so Canon wanted to wait until it got the quality and size issues sorted out, he said.

The company thinks it has got things right with the DC 20 and DC 10 though. The models are 48x86x122mm and weigh 465g with battery pack installed and DVD and memory card inserted.

Both will be in shops in late October; the DC 20 for around £700 and the DC 10 for £600.

Canon is also updating its DV camcorder lineup with the IXY DV M5 and the IXY DV S1 models, it said.

The M5 has a 4.3Mp CCD sensor and a 10x optical zoom. It is 51x101x102mm and weighs 475g with the battery pack inserted, lens cap on, and a 30 minute MiniDV tape and a memory card inserted, according to the company.

It will be sold in Europe from September as the MVX4i E for around £900.

The IXY DV S1 has a 2.2Mp CCD and a 10x optical zoom. It is 54x73x105mm and weighs 435g with the battery pack and a 30 minute MiniDV tape and a memory card inserted.

The European version will be called the MVX1Si, but price and sales plans have yet to be announced, Berger said.

All four models come with a 2.5in LCD (liquid crystal display) monitor with a backlight button, which brightens the image for better viewing on sunny days.