BT today added 88 more exchanges to its trigger list, which sets the levels of demand at which ADSL service will be provided.

A trigger level of 200 customer registrations has been set for 53 of the 88 exchanges, but the remaining 35 having much higher levels of around 600-750.

The telco giant was criticised by the Broadband4Britain campaigners when it originally released its figures. They labelled the trigger points as 'too high', claiming they were at least four-times higher than the number actually needed of 50.

But BT hit back, claiming these figures were unrealistic.

"Our review of exchange costs has led to higher trigger levels being set for 35 exchanges. This reflects the true cost of providing ADSL services in these area," said Bruce Stanford, BT Wholesale's broadband director.

BT has now set trigger levels for 426 exchanges and is currently reviewing a further 474, the results of which are due to be announced by the end of September.

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