Internet service provider Telewest today launched its no-obligation Blueyonder broadband trial, at a price which undercuts all its competitors.

The company's three-month taster package, available from today at a cut price £13.98 a month, is aimed at homes with dialup connections from providers such as BT, AOL and Freeserve.

Most other broadband packages are around £30 a month.

But Telewest is still charging £50 for installation unless the customer decides to disconnect the service before the end of the three-month trial period, in which case the setup fee is refunded.

"BT has made a big fuss over its belated wholesale ADSL [asymmetric digital subscriber line] price cuts recently, but we don’t think they would have the broadband nerve to offer customers such good value with an optional installation refund," said David Hobday, sales and marketing director at Telewest Broadband.

Teleco watchdog Oftel said it had not received any complaints about the deal. "It's only a trial offer and we have no control over promotions and price cuts unless we receive complaints from other vendors," said an Oftel spokesman.

"It's a genuine no-brainer," added Hobday, "because consumers who are paying £14 or £15 a month for a sluggish dialup service can pay even less to sample the delights of broadband."

BTopenworld, which launched its no-frills package last month, would not comment on Telewest's package.