Broadband service providers are getting into the sales season, announcing price cuts and special offers to encourage more people to spend cash in the new year by signing up to their high-speed internet connection.

ISPs Pipex and Freedom2surf stepped forward today with tempting offers.

While Freedom2surf is cutting connection fees by 50 percent to just £29.99 plus VAT, Pipex is offering users a choice. Customers can opt for free connection, modem and filters with a one-off activation fee of £23.44 or, if they already have an ADSL modem, they can enjoy completely free activation and a month's free connection.

These service providers are not the first to start slashing costs. Last week Demon and BT both announced they would waive setup costs for broadband connection to users who signed up before 31 March 2003.

But broadband users still aren't getting value for money according to Easybroadband, a firm that sells ADSL kit. No doubt in a bid to increase its own sales, the company claims to get real benefit from their connections people need more than just one ADSL modem.

"Half the country have PCs in their homes, but an increasing number have more than one PC, not to mention a games machine or TV set-top box with internet access capabilities," said Easybroadband sales director Jon Williams.

According to Williams, providers should be catering for homes with more than one PC in a bid to create broadband households.

"There was a lot more talk a couple of years ago about the networked home, with all sorts of devices being hooked up to the internet. Why shouldn't people get the most out of the service they have paid for?"

Not surprisingly, Easybroadband is heralding itself as the first company in the UK to provide equipment to allow subscribers to network their TVs with their PCs. More information can be found on the firm's website.