Blockbuster has launched a DVD Rental by Post service on its website.

All users have to do is register at the site, and then they can order the movies they want to be delivered direct to their door. Renters can choose up to four DVDs at a time (although this is limited to two for the first visit) and pay by credit or debit card online.

The films are delivered by first class post and cost from £3.50 to £4.50 depending on the title. Just like when you rent from a store, you can keep the films for four or five nights and then you return them in a prepaid envelope.

But this is not the first online service offering DVD rental — sites such as Movietrak have been around for a while. These established sites might also offer better value as Movietrak charges just £3.25 a film, plus a flat rate of 50p postage. You can also keep films for seven days.

Other services could offer even better deals if you rent a lot of films DVDs on Tap costs either £7.99 per month if you pay return postage or £9.99 per month with postage included, and you can rent an unlimited number of DVDs per month, and keep them for as long as you like. But you can only rent one film at a time, so whether this works out as a bargain or not depends on how many movies you can watch per month.