Big Brother is coming to a sitting room near you, as security specialist AEI has launched what has to be the most intrusive PC surveillance tool yet. The company's
system can be connected to any computer and wirelessly transmit the images being viewed on the PC to any television screen in the house.

The company is marketing the device as the perfect way for parents to keep an eye on what their children are doing on the PC, calling it the "ultimate parental control system for children using computers".

Parents — or for that matter anyone who installs the device — can flip between whatever they are watching on TV to a channel that will show exactly what is on their PC's screen. AEI believes its system will overcome the problem of clever kids who can work around parental controls installed on a PC. transmits images and audio direct from the graphics and sound cards within the PC to any television in the house. Other uses AEI suggests for the device are playing movies or digital audio files from the PC on a TV screen.

But we're more worried about the invasion of privacy problems the device poses. Now spouses can view what their other half is up to online — so no more secret chatroom flirtations or surreptitious peeks at porn. In fact no more confidentiality on your PC at all — scary.

Pricing has yet to be announced.