Taiwanese electronics maker BenQ announced on Wednesday what it reckons is one of the speediest 20-inch wide screen LCD (liquid crystal display) monitors around, designed specifically with movie viewers and gamers in mind.

The BenQ FP202W runs at a fast 8ms (millisecond) black-to-white response time, comparable to similar-sized offerings by companies such as Samsung Electronics.

This speed should eliminate some of the ghost images and other ill digital effects that show up on screens when the action on games and movies goes too fast.

The monitor's enhanced image quality also comes from its 1,680x1,050-pixel resolution and its 600:1 contrast ratio, BenQ said. The company also added its "Senseye" digital enhancement technology, which automatically improves and adjusts the image quality and brightness levels, and performs color mapping, reducing jagged edges on images, BenQ said.

At 20in the screen is wide enough for two pages of text to be displayed side by side, the company said. DVD movies and computer games can be played on the screen without cropping or compression.

The BenQ FP202W also comes with a "hot key" for switching immediately from digital to analogue signals and back.

The monitor will be available worldwide in the fourth quarter of this year. Pricing information was not immediately available.