Hundreds of products come through the PC Advisor test centre each year, and yet we barely scratch the surface of what’s out there. Each one of our editorial team receives dozens of emails per day from manufacturers and PRs announcing the launch of the latest, greatest technology product, but only the most relevant make it into our reviews list.

Other new products do make the cut, but it takes us a couple of days to get our hands on the hardware. Then there are the exciting new technologies that are launched in the Far East, but aren’t due to hit our shores for six months.

And so rather than ignoring these, or making you wait, we’ve set up a new blog to ensure we’re covering every single interesting tech product we hear about. Some will turn into full reviews, some may not even become available, and some are just downright odd. But if you don’t want to miss out on the latest announcements, head over to our New Products blog. And let us know your thoughts.