Asustek today showed off a laptop PC built for microprocessor overclocking and an internet radio with an iPod port.

Asustek's C90 laptop was revealed today at the Computex 2007 trade show in Taipei. Asustek designed the C90 laptop PC for overclocking by adding extra heat sinks and cooling systems, the company said at a news conference ahead of the Computex trade show, which opens tomorrow.

Asustek plans to sell a barebones version of the device worldwide so users and companies can add whatever microprocessors, graphics processors, memory and optical disc drives they want, as well as offer its own laptops aimed at the high-end market, meaning the price could top $2,000 on some models.

Users looking to lower their laptop costs can add a desktop PC processor to the C90. The cooling systems ensure the laptop can handle desktop microprocessors, which are normally less expensive and more powerful than processors aimed at laptops. The major drawback with a desktop processor in a laptop, however, is that it uses more power, so battery life would suffer.

The C90 will debut worldwide in mid-June.

Asustek also showed off two internet radios that operate from wireless internet connections. They don't need to be hooked up to a PC. The main difference between the two is that the Asustek Internet Radio 3 (AIR 3), comes with an iPod dock on top. When users plug in an iPod, they can listen to their favourite songs from speakers inside the AIR 3.

The device also includes a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port, allowing users to plug in flash sticks and listen to songs off them instead, according to Chris Yu, product manager at Asustek's digital-home division.

Despite the USB, the device will not play songs from digital music players other than the iPod, he said.

The AIR 3 will cost around $400. The smaller AIR 1, which does not include an iPod port, will cost $200.

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