Asus is expanding its low-budget Eee PC range with three new models. The first machine to be launched by the Taiwanese manufacturer will be the E-DT, a desktop PC.

Set to be released later this spring, it will initially run on Intel's Celeron processors, but will move to Intel's new Shelton platform towards the end of this year. The price will also be in-keeping with the range's 'low-budget' label at $199 (£100).

In September, the E-DT will be joined by an all-in-one PC/screen called the E-Monitor. Alos running on the Shelton platform, the 19-21in device will also feature a TV tuner. Asus estimates that it will cost $499 (£250), which is cheaper than Apple's iMac and Dell's XPS One.

The most ambitious and clear highlight of the range will be a 42in LCD TV with a built-in Linux PC. Not many details, including a launch date, have been released but Asus expect the E-TV to cost around $200 (£100) more than conventional LCD screens of that size.

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