PC Advisor rounds up reviews of the Asus Eee Top 1602. What's the verdict on Asustek's iMac killer?

Following the staggering success of its genre-defining, cut-price Eee PC laptop range, Taiwanese computer giant Asustek recently launched the Asus Eee Top.

The Eee Top is a desktop PC within a 15.6in screen. Like the Apple iMac, the Eee Top has no separate tower unit. Even better, the provided wireless keyboard slips into a slot on the back of the Eee Top, which has a touchscreen interface.

After putting the Asus Eee Top through its paces in the PC Advisor Test Centre, Reviews Editor Andrew Harrison was cautiously positive, awarding 3.5 stars, and saying: "This desktop PC is more like a laptop packed into a screen, yet with its touchscreen interface it is much more.

"This would make a good household computer for a young family, and thanks to its economical 27W power consumption, it won't even present any suprises on your next electric bill."

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Asus Eee Top

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But PC Advisor operates a more stringent testing procedure than many other publications. Added to that, we look at things from a technical point of view. What, then, would the consumer press make of such a unique proposition?

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